One Magnificent Model

1MM Trade Show Models in Chicago

Would you like an attractive, enthusiastic representative to draw attention to your exhibit? Do you need assistance in your busy booth?

We can make your trade show a success by providing personnel for everything from crowd gatherers to translators.

Our qualified professionals work as an integral part of your team by incorporating your show objectives to increase the value of your trade show investment.

You will be saving money otherwise used on your team’s airfare, hotel, entertainment, and other expenses. This will give you the flexibility to utilize your employees for other business operations.

Call One Magnificent Model about any of the categories listed BELOW and turn your exhibit into a COMPLETE SUCCESS!

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Booth hosts/hostesses attract customers to your booth with their outgoing personalities, professionalism, pose and beauty. They will provide magnificent customer service, direct potential buyers to your appropriate staff members, and distribute your companies promotional material. They can also serve food and beverages and act as your professional corporate receptionist. Your temporary booth team regularly works trade shows and they are accustomed to the trade show environment. They will make your exhibit a magnificent success!
Crowd Gatherers
Your crowd gathering team will turn your booth into an engaging environment that will attract your target audience creating a buzz around your product. They will fill your presentation seats with your target audience, scan badges, distribute literature and promotional items. Your crowd gatherers will direct traffic and assist your narrator for a seamless presentation.
Your demonstrator will familiarize themselves with your company, products, and services. They will demonstrate your products, assist you in selling your products, and create an exciting atmosphere in your booth.
Sales Assistants
Professional sales assistants are specialized lead generators. They can blend in as an employee of your company. Your sales assistants will learn about your product and company ahead of time. They focus their time and energy on actively engaging your target audience into your booth and qualifying the lead before passing the customer to the company salesperson or writing up the sale. They understand how to sell and to be facilitators in the trade show booth atmosphere.
Narrators have extensive experience with public speaking and representing brands in the trade show environment. They energize the crowd, keep them engaged and excited about your product! Narrators memorize and present your company’s material in front of your target audience. Narrators have experience using teleprompters, ear prompters and will ad lib when required. If your company does not have a employee who is comfortable with speaking to crowds or giving product demonstrations to groups of people, then hiring a narrator or demonstrator is the best option for your company.
Your professional interpreter will make your international customers feel welcome. Interpreters warmly greet potential buyers and help to bridge the language barrier. This will help your sales team to effectively communicate valuable information with your buyers.
We staff professional, experienced bartending teams to serve your clients at the trade show booth, corporate meeting or party. Our friendly and gracious professionals will be at your service to greet customers, serve food and beverages so that you are free to spend more time with your important clients.