One Magnificent Model

1MM Testimonials

Testimonial Melanie “Nebras was awesome! Professional, outgoing, smart, willing to go above & beyond, respectful and great with our customers. We would love to have her back.”
“Brittany did an awesome job! Professional, outgoing, friendly, great with customers, respectful and has a lovely smile. We would love to have her back!”
-Kristi G.
Testimonial Melanie “Victoria was very helpful. She has a wonderful personality and we were glad to have her here. She was great with our customers.”
“Amber was very helpful, great personality, and good with customers.”
-Cheryl M.
Testimonial Melanie “ALICJA is very professional, highly recommend, worked hard, great attitude, very beautiful and fun to talk to. Thanks for helping us triple our leads! We will work with you again I am sure.”
-Nate M.
Testimonial Melanie "Ari has been great! She is a good find!"
-Melanie M.
“All is great at IMTS. Zorana and Sarah are great to work with and many people have made very positive comments on their assistance. Please let the both of them know how much we appreciate their hard work. Thank you for all of your help in making our IMTS exhibit a success!“
-Dan P.
Testimonial Ben "Thanks again for all your help, it was much appreciated. I can guarantee that the next year we are in Chicago I will go with 1MM. Everything went well and your girls did a great job!"
Testimonial Christi "I'm very happy with Chernise. She's a hard worker, has a great attitude and is very attentive to all of our booth visitors. Whenever there has been a lull she starts looking for other things to help out with--straightening the booth, filling candy bowls, stocking the bar, etc. She has been a huge help to me ! Thanks for checking in"
"You are such a wonderful boss. I am grateful and a proud One Magnificent Model always!"
Testimonial Aurelio "Congratulations you did it again! The girls were great, members loved them, & it was a MAGNIFICENT day!"
Testimonial Beth "The girls were fabulous!! I would book both of them again in a heartbeat, and will keep your info handy for the next time I am in the area. They were exactly what I was hoping to book. You chose well!!"
"Ashley did a excellent job! She was on time, friendly and very busy. Our company hosted dinner for our sales reps, so we all saw first hand how she handled the large crowd. Thanks for sending her."
Testimonial David G. "Best Models Ever!"
-David G.
Testimonial Brad "Vicky & Ewelina raised $1000 for our Jimmy V foundation for cancer research fund! They were very well received - good job! Awesome dollar amount they raised, especially based on the number of Monday night consumers! Thank you!"
Testimonial Michael R "Samantha & Kinga did a fantastic job and were effective in bringing customers into our booth. They learned the process quickly and communicated well with both the group and the customers. I would definitely recommend them in the future."
-Michael R.
Testimonial Greg "Ashley & Mel were amazing! They interacted well with the guests and worked very hard."
Testimonial Antoinette "Thank you so much! Anna and Ashley were great! Everyone enjoyed the night and they were super helpful and knowledgeable."
-Antoinette C.
Testimonial Janice "Our event was a huge success !! Both girls did a great job!! All of our customers and staff loved the girls! I really appreciate all you have done."
Testimonial Alyssa "Thanks so much again for volunteering your models for our event on Thursday. They exceeded our expectations. We thought that Melissa really stood out but everyone was amazing. They were upbeat, took direction well and helped me out. They all did a great job on the "runway," too."
Testimonial Ken C. "Just a note — your girls were awesome on Saturday night. Very cool, very professional, very easy to work with. They were both fantastic and are both more than welcome to work any events I have here. You're the best!!!"
-Ken C.
Testimonial Corey "1 Magnificent Model provides the best roster of models I have ever worked with. They were courteous, professional, and needed little direction to provide great photos. Their skills are a head and shoulders above every other agency in Chicago, and yet they are still the kind of girls that you can sit down with and have a pleasant conversation with. If I had to pick one agency to work with, 1 Magnificent Model would be it."
-Corey Alexander Crowley
Vampman Studios
Testimonial Aurelio "You did it again. The girls were fantastic, very professional and hard workers!!! We appreciate your help."
-Aurelio N.
Testimonial Matt "Fantastic job. Very helpful and resourceful in setting up. People were very receptive."
-Matt B.
Testimonial Henry "Hi Steph! I just wanted to let you know that I was pleased with the girls you had booked for us on Cinco and on Saturday night. I appreciated their efforts. Everything was successful and we had a great time!"
-Henry S.
Testimonial Margret "I want to let you know how impressed I am with you and your commitment to us (models). Thank you for honoring our voucher and standing behind us. You are such a class act and professional for that. Thank you and know I greatly appreciate you!"
Testimonial Packers "They were great! Will definitely love to have them back!"
-Katie S.
Testimonial "Outstanding work all around this holiday season! And the tasting referenced was a last minute booking. GREAT JOB and great girls!"
-Bianca B.
Testimonial Phyl A "The feedback I got from my team, is all positive as well, everyone was pleased with Joana and Kinga's excellent work and professionalism. Thank you for sending me the photos, truly enjoyed viewing them. Please thank both young ladies from the entire team and we look forward to working together soon."
-Phyl A.
"One Magnificent Model is one magnificent team! Stephanie always steps up to the challenge of finding the right models for our needs. Her models are reliable, professional and on time. We appreciate the help whenever we have last minute changes in our events. She responds quickly and efficiently regardless of the situation. We've enjoyed many years of working together."
-Janet G.
Testimonial Laura “Angela did an amazing job! We would love to work with her any day!”
“Natalia did an amazing job!”
-Nicole M.
Testimonial Laura “Very happy with the job well done. Alex & Natalie were helpful, professional and great to have around our customers!”
-Daniela G.
Testimonial Laura "We could not be more pleased with Bonnie. So professional and just the sweetest. The is the perfect look for us. We really enjoyed working with her and as always 1MM pulled through."
-Laura S.
“Steph - you run such a top notch business. Both of your girls left me voice mail messages today checking in, letting me know they have all the information, and are all set for our special event.

Seriously, you’re wonderful.”
-Ken C.
“Very professional in appearance, caught on very quickly to our program, & Alicja attributed beneficial sales skills to our show.”
-Mike A.
Testimonial Kelli "Kelli has an amazing personality with a work ethic to match. I would welcome her back anytime. A real team player!"
-Robin N.
Testimonial Allie "The show is going very well and Allie is doing a FABULOUS job! Allie has gone above and beyond our expectations. She has been great with our customers and very professional yet personable and fun. She has been the best we have hired throughout the years and would love to use her again in the future."
-Gina N.
Testimonial Kasia "Stephanie: I would like to commend you and the 2 models you sent out yesterday to the golf outing. I have heard nothing but good things from the people who were at the event. The model's professionalism helped make Moosehead lager a key feature of the outing. You and your staff are a real pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for all of your help!"
-Patrick D.
Testimonial Kasia "Kasia is very energetic and friendly. She did a great job at the Dental convention and we'll be happy to have her work for us in the future."
-Amanda R.
Testimonial BioDensity "One Mag Models are always punctual, professional, articulate, beautiful and know exactly what needs to be done. We wouldn't have our products represented by anyone else."
-Simi R.
Testimonial Rasa "I was very impressed and happy with Rasa. Not only was she professional, but she had a great, warm personality and was outstanding to work with. Thanks for following up with everything and I am sure to work with 1MM again!"
Testimonial Crown Imports "The girls were great Steph! Put the two of them in the books for next year. I would love to have them back."
-Andy K.
Testimonial Allison "Allison was exactly what we needed! Very professional & knowledgeable."
-Bill S.
Testimonial Nico "Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know I really liked Nico for the samplings I have hired out for, including yesterday at the golf outing. She was very engaging and I received compliments from other golfers about the Sam Adams / Twisted Tea sample hole."
-Kate A.
Testimonial Kinga "Kinga did an excellent job meeting and greeting at the game. She represented my company very well and I look forward to working with her at future business events."
-N. M.
Testimonial Juliette "Hi Steph: I just want to let you know that Juliette did a wonderful job helping us and raising money for Children's Memorial Hospital last Friday."
-Rick G.
Testimonial RMK Photo "The shoot was fantastic. Your models were punctual, professional, and a delight to work with. Thanks again for helping us out, and we would love to work with more of your talent in the future."
"Thank you for sending us Gloria & Ari. They were excellent. Very outgoing, friendly and pretty. The girls did an awesome job. Thanks again."
-Larry L.
Testimonial Faith "Testing with models from 1MM was a dream! They were prompt, co-operative, pleasant, intelligent, and professional. All of the models that I worked with were amazing. I would recommend them for jobs or hire them any day. Steph made my Testing Event a great success!"
-Faith B.
Testimonial Sandra "Sandra was definitely a big hit at the Cable TV show. She was dressed perfectly for the event and did a terrific job interacting with customers."
-Scott C.
"A huge thank you for all you do for Proximo. Corey and I agree you are one of the joys of our job. We could not continue to have so many successful events month after month without the magnificent 1MM team! Your hard work is very much appreciated."
-Lindsey R.
Testimonial Capmatic "My boss was pleased with the girls; he said they were professional. The entire staff was pleased."
-Phyl A.
Testimonial Gloria "I never had a better spokes model than Gloria in all my 27 years at JD Liquors. I want Gloria again for all my tastings. She sold out of all the Moosehead Beer in our stock!"
-Johnny R.
Everything was great. The girls did a great job. They showed up on time, and had a great attitude. "I would definitely hire either of them again in the future when I have a need. Thanks for everything."
-Rich K.
"Stephanie and the 1MM team continue to amaze me with their professional service. My customers are always incredibly happy with the women from 1MM. They are beautiful, smart, and hard working. Stephanie has made my life and my job much easier because of her hard work, organization, and dedication to her job."
-Emily T.
"Pamela was very nice to work with. Classy & Professional! Veronica was perfect! Very professional & actively engaging our customers. Thanks."
-Kerri S.
"PK and Claudia were excellent in our runway show at the Sew Expo -- personality and size/shape/talent. They were fun to have backstage, and we'll look forward to working with them next year if they're available."
-Marlene I.
"I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know what a great experience we had using your agency. Adrianna was the consummate professional willing to go that extra mile for our target audience and clients. The weather was a bit grueling on Monday, if you recall, but we never experienced any less effort from Adrianna. If the need ever calls for utilizing your service again I will be sure to use Adrianna, what a joy it was to work with her."
-Dominic S.
"For 9 years of conducting business with 1MM, the level of service has been impeccable. 1MM provides professional, beautiful women who help maximize my sales during promotions, trade shows, and special events. Stephanie is always there to provide great service - no matter how last minute my promotions pop up. It is always a pleasure working with Stephanie and the 1MM team."
-Mary Lou P.
Testimonial ErikaM "I have worked with One Mag Model since Stephanie opened her doors over 9 years ago. She has always been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I have been paid promptly and the rates are great. I highly recommend One Mag Model as your agency of choice.
-Erika M.